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Teaching Games for Understanding - Back to the Basics

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) was developed in the 1980s by Rod Thorpe, David Bunker and Len Almond. They were looking for a better way to teach games in a PE context. Nearly 40 years later, TGfU has become one of the best known and followed approaches, not only in PE, but also in sport coaching. In this blog, Leeds Beckett Sport Coaching Principal Lecturer and Leeds Force Basketball Coach Dave Piggott spells out the key components of the TGfU model and their implications for coaches. He even provides some video examples of some great games. Time to play!

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Dave is a Principal Lecturer in the Sport Coaching Degree at Leeds Beckett University. Alongside his academic work, Dave is a level 3 basketball coach, coach educator and has been involved in coaching three different national league programmes over the last 15 years. He currenly coaches for the Leeds Force of the British Basketball League. David's research interests are concentrated in three main areas: coach education, flow and enjoyment, and the use of pedagogical models in coaching (specifically TGfU. Dave also has a complementary interest in the philosophy of science, especially the work of Karl Popper which makes him a great guy to share a chilled out coffee with. 

You can follow Dave @wikicoach