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Obrigado! iCK to Work Together with Coaching Portugal

iCoachKids is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Coaching Portugal. Coaching Portugal is the Portuguese Confederation of Coaches' Associations, bringing together all coaches in the country.

Coaching Portugal brings together 22 Coaches Associations from different sports, and very much acts as a voice of the coach with national and international organisations such as the Portuguese Institute of Sport, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, the National Sports Council, the International Council for Coaching Excellence, UNI Europe and the European Comission.

In addition to a long-standing tradition of coach education which has produced some of the best coaches in the world, Coaching Portugal’s input into the iCoachKids project will be invaluable as they complete the Portuguese translation of the iCK Literature Review Summary, the European Coaching Children Curriculum, as well as the forthcoming Massive Online Open Courses.

Project leader Sergio Lara-Bercial says of the collaboration:

“This is a terrific development for iCK. Coaching Portugal is a leader in coach education and being able to have the most important outputs of iCK translated into Portuguese, spoken by over 250 million people world-wide hugely multiples the impact of the project”.

Project manager at Coaching Portugal, Teresa Rocha, says of the collaboration:

“Coaching Portugal feels, once again, very proud to be able to collaborate with the ICCE and participate in another development action for Coaches.  Particularly in the iCK project, which develops Excellence in Children and Youth Coaching and the transmission of sports values, we feel we can do a more effective job in complementing the training of our Coaches and Coaching Associations activity in Portugal.  Through this partnership we can also extend this training, knowledge and documents in Portuguese language to our counterpart “Coaching Lusophone” that gathers the coaches of the Portuguese speaking countries.”


iCoachKids is co-funded by an Erasmus+ grant and led by Leeds Beckett University (LBU) and the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE). It brings together another six world-class organisations with a common desire to support children and youth coaches and a proven track record of doing so. These include Sport Ireland Coaching, the Hungarian Coaches Association, the Netherlands Olympic Committee, the European University of Madrid, Lithuanian Sport University, and the Royal Belgian Football Association.