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iCoachKids and Sport Scotland join forces to develop Youth Coaches in Scotland and across Europe

The two organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding to work jointly for the benefit of youth coaches across Scotland and Europe. The agreement brings together human and material resources to support practitioners working with children and young people across all segments of sport participation.

iCoachKids, an Erasmus+ co-funded project led by Leeds Beckett University and the International Council for Coaching Excellence developing free resources and educational opportunities for youth coaches, has signed a cooperation agreement with Sport Scotland, the national agency for sport in Scotland.

Sport Scotland has a proven track-record in supporting the development of a specialist youth coaching workforce. Over the last decade, it has developed a number of partnerships, products, courses and workshops aimed at children and youth coaches which are world-leading. iCoachKids and its growing community of youth coaches will benefit immensely from Sport Scotland’s experience and resources.

Welcoming the initiative, Mike Roberts, sportscotland’s Director of Sports Development, said:

 “This is a really innovative and exciting project that will benefit coaches all across Europe, including here in Scotland, from having access to these development tools. Continually helping coaches operating at all levels to learn and grow is an essential component of sports development, and at sportscotland we are delighted to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with iCoachKids.

By working together in this fashion, we are helping facilitate the accessibility of Continuing Professional Development for coaches in a range of formats to suit disparate learning preferences. By collaborating with iCoachKids, we are able to share human and material resources for the mutual benefit of coaches and the athletes they are working with.”

Sergio Lara-Bercial, iCoachKids Project Leader said:

‘This is fantastic news for iCoachKids and coaches across Europe. Sport Scotland is completely committed to developing a world-class coaching workforce for youth sport and being able to cooperate with them and share their resources with the rest of Europe will add incredible value to iCoachKids’

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