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iCoachKids and Education 4 Peace collaborate for a more holistic education for children in and through sport

iCoachKids is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Education 4 Peace (E4P). Founded in 2002, E4P is a Swiss non-profit foundation dedicated to advocating and supporting Emotional Health (EH) programmes in schools and sports.

This partnership is central to iCoachKids’ aim to be holistic, and to develop children’s psychosocial skills and capabilities, not just their physical ones. Project leader Sergio Lara-Bercial says:

“We are delighted that E4P has joined the iCoachKids family. Their humanistic philosophy and values, their experience in education and sport and the fantastic resources they have created are incredible assets for the iCoachKids movement. Watch this space for their contributions going forward!”

E4P‘s founder, Mark Milton, has a management background connected to the provision of free emotional support hotlines, through which thousands of volunteers have been trained worldwide in listening skills and empathy. E4P began by promoting listening skills in various environments through trainings, conferences, congresses and publications. Today, E4P works internationally to promote the integration of self-awareness, including listening skills and mastery of emotions, into the educational curriculum of youth in sports education.

Of the new collaboration with iCK, Mark Milton says,

I am very enthusiastic that E4P is joining the important work iCK is doing in the sports world. For more than 2’000 years, sports has pioneered strong social values and bringing people together.  Today, however, something new is emerging in sports. The business world borrowed the ancient idea of coaching from the world of sports and has applied it to every field of endeavour over the last 20 years.  In the process, coaching was transformed from a performance orientation to include a relational dimension.  Now, we are beginning to see the relational dimension of coaching begin to be integrated into the world of sports.  This integration not only has the potential to improve performance, but also to give players and coaches greater skill in handling adversity on and off the field and reducing violence in sports and in life. We and iCK are privileged to be part of this movement that offers youth the possibility greater emotional health and wellbeing and more fulfilling lives.