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iCK Parents

Because You Care!

As parents, we want the best for our kids. Would you blame us?

Being a parent is probably one of the strongest compelling and driving forces for human beings.

Once you have kids nothing is ever the same, NOTHING!

And sport is no different. We want clubs that care abour our kids, not their talent or our money. We want coaches that deliver safe and enjoyable sessions that our kids can't wait to go to.And yes, we may even have dreams of our kids becoming great athletes. Nothing wrong with that.

As parents, we have a very important role in ensuring that our kids get the most out of sports. This is a dual responsibility though.

  • We need to seek and select sporting environments where we know they will be safe and happy
  • We must support our kids and allow them to enjoy their sport, not only to progress in it.

In this section we will share with you resources and tips to help you just do that. Be the best sport parent you can be!