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German Basketball Federation presents iCoachKids to member organizations

During their annual meeting at the HQ of the DBB (German Basketball Federation) the Minibasketball managers of the basketball federation in the 16 German states have learned from the iCoachKids program.

The DBB’s manager for youth and school sports, Tim Brentjes, informed participants of the meeting about the iCoachKids project and its free availability for any coach. Minibasketball (Basketball for children under 12 years) has been a main focus of the German federation in the last couple of years. The participation of children in German Basketball has grown 35% since 2013 which gives the “Minis” a share of more than 18% amongst the DBB’s active players.

In 2015 the DBB and German Basketball Education Fund released an educational program for specialist Minibasketball coaches, with a campaign to raise the number and quality of Minibasketball clinics in all German state federations. DBB’s Tim Brentjes met iCoachKids program Director Dr. Sergio Lara-Bercial during the FIBA Europe Minibasketball Convention in Matosinhos (Portugal) where iCoachKids has been presented to the European Basketball federations, and both Tim and Sergio presented at the Minibasketball Convention of FIBA Oceania at Echuca (Australia).

Brentjes said of the project:

“iCoachKids is for us a good tool in the education of children’s coaches which can be helpful for any German sports organization. The rules of the pledge are very close to the ideas in our Minibasketball coaches campaign. Together with other federations, the German Olympic Sports Organization (DOSB) and the German Youth Sports Organization (DSJ) we will see how far we can take iCoachKids in Germany. Informing our own member organizations, their experts for Minibasketball and our Minibasketball coaching students have only been the first steps.”