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Council of the European Union publishes conclusions supporting coaches in acquiring skills and competences

Council of the European Union adopts conclusions on empowering coaches by enhancing opportunities to acquire skills and competences.

The conclusions invite member states and the European Commission to continue supporting the educational dimension of sport through the enhancement of training programmes and learning opportunities for coaches.

Sport organisations are also invited to contribute by further promoting to coaches the possibilities of training and the importance of acquiring the necessary skills and competences.

iCK Project Director Sergio Lara-Bercial says:

“We welcome very much the recognition of the importance of the coach at the highest level of EU policy. Perhaps more importantly the acknowledgement that coaches must be supported in order to fulfil their function and for sport to meet the demands of 21st century society. And we hope that iCK plays a big role in that support network.”

The Council underlines that coaches need to be supported as they play an important role in addressing societal challenges regarding physical activity and well-being, challenges which become especially prominent in times of health crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the Council also underlines that possessing skills and competences is essential for the personal fulfilment, employability and professional development of all coaches, but also for ensuring the safety of athletes and sport participants and encouraging specific groups in society to participate in sport.

Read the full document here.