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Children’s Personal Development Through Sport

Did sport positively help you grow into the person you are today?

If so, CONGRATULATIONS. Many of us had great experiences of growing up involved in sport and feel that it made a great impact on who we are and on the life-skills we posses. However, this is not always the case. SPORT IS NO MAGIC BULLET.

Lots of research shows that sport has great potential to deliver personal development, but for that to happen, sport has to be provided in certain ways and make sure that, where appropriate and possible, opportunities for growth are built into our practice. 

This section will cover the latest thinking in this very important area and offers tips and ideas to help you coach in a more holistic way.

After all, for the vast majority of children, sport will not lead to fame and fortune, but it could provide them a great stepping stone into adulthood and a lifelong love for physical activity.

Credit: Birute Statkeviciene