iCoachKids: Innovative Education & Training for a Specialist Children & Youth Coaching Workforce.

About Us

What is iCoachKids?

iCoachKids is a not-for-profit three-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU in the May 2016 call under Key Action 2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices - Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.

iCoachKids is an international, collaborative, multi-agency project aiming to support the development of a Specialist Children and Youth Coaching Workforce across the EU to make sure all youth sport participants have a positive experience led by suitably trained coaches leading to a lifelong involvement in sport and healthier lives.

iCK started in September 2016 and will be completed in August 2019. 

The iCoachKids Team 

iCK is led by Leeds Beckett University (UK) and the International Council for Coaching Excellence and brings together another six world-class organisations with a common desire to support youth coaches and a proven track record of doing so. These include Sport Ireland Coaching, the Hungarian Coaches Association, the Netherlands Olympic Committee, the European University of Madrid, Lithuanian Sport University and the Royal Belgian Football Association.

Why is iCK Needed?

Because eight million coaches across the EU work with children and young people, but most of them hold lower level coaching qualifications or no qualifications at all.

What will iCK Deliver?

iCoachKids will use a learner-centred, community-based, collaborative approach to create innovative learning and development opportunities for those coaching children and young people.  Here are some of the outputs of the project:

  • An interactive online platform where youth sport coaches can share and learn from each other – January 2017
  • FREE e-learning in the shape of three newly developed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – Summer 2018
  • A repository of new and existing resources and materials from all over the world aimed at youth sport coaches and parents – January 2017
  • Regular blogs and articles from expert international contributors – January 2017
  • A European Coaching Children Curriculum – Summer 2017
  • A collection of case studies of good practice in the education and development of children and youth sport coaches – Summer 2017
  • A report on the nature of the Coaching Children Workforce across seven European Countries – Summer 2017

What makes iCK Unique?

  • A not-for-profit venture: iCK aims solely to improve the education and development of children and youth coaches across the EU.
  • A community of children and youth coaches and coach developers: led by a broad group of organisations and individuals with a proven track record, iCK aims to bring all stakeholders together to collaboratively solve a common problem they will not be able to individually.
  • Evidence-Based:   all iCK outputs will be based on existing research or new studies conducted by the project partners during the life of the project.
  • A good fit for Formal and Non-Formal Education: the MOOCs will be developed based on learning outcomes, units of learning and credits thus suitable to be adopted by Vocational Education and Training and Further and Higher Education Institutions globally across the European Union. This will facilitate transparency, mobility and employability of children’s sport coaches.
  • Contribution to Key Professional Competences: by using ICT and being English-based, paired with subtitles in 5 other languages (including Arabic), iCK will contribute to enhancing coaches’ overall employability and quality of life.
  • Available and accessible to all in the EU and beyond: thanks to the iCK online platform, English language-based content and subtitles in 4 languages (French, Dutch, Spanish, and Arabic), coaches will be able to access training in a flexible and inclusive way thus breaking many barriers to education.
  • Integration of Migrant Communities: by being English-based and providing subtitles in multiple languages spoken by a large proportion of migrant communities like Spanish, French, and Arabic, iCK will facilitate the integration of migrants and the contribution they can make to their communities.
  • Sustainable: being member and community driven, iCK will continue to grow beyond the life of the Erasmus+ funding. Its outputs will be able to support coaches, coach developers and organisations involved in coach education for years to come.

Project Events

Besides regular partner meetings and workshops iCK will deliver three international promotional multiplier events:

  • Summer/Autumn 2017 – 1st iCK Conference: Coaching Children Workforce in the EU - Hungary
  • Summer/Autumn 2018 – 2nd iCK Conference: European Coaching Children Curriculum -    UK
  • Spring/Summer 2019 – iCK Closing Conference - Ireland

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about the project or wish to contribute, please contact your country project co-ordinator

United Kingdom: Sergio Lara-Bercial at s.lara-bercial@leedsbeckett.ac.uk and Karen Livingstone at k.livingstone@icce.ws

Ireland: Sheelagh Quinn at sheelagh.quinn@coachingireland.com and Declan O'Leary declan.oleary@coachingireland.com

Spain: Sonia Garcia at sonia.garcia@universidadeuropea.es and Rafael Navarro at rafaelmanuel.navarro@universidadeuropea.es

Belgium: Kris Van der Haegen at kris.vanderhaegen@footbel.com

Lithuania: Birute Statkeviciene at birute.statkeviciene@lsu.lt and Lolita Dudeniene at lolita.judo@gmail.com

Hungary: Ladislav Petrovic at l.petrovic@icce.ws

Netherlands: Nicolette Van Veldhoven at nicolette.vanveldhoven@nocnsf.nl and Marieke Fix at mfix@landstede.nl

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