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A Practical Take on Long Term Athlete Development

In this very insightful blog, Paul Gamble cuts through the debates surrounding the concept of Long Term Athlete Development and provides much needed clarity and context to resolve some of the confusion. SInce the 'Why' is generally agreed upone, here Paul attempts to move things forward by finding shared ground and common principles to guide the 'what' and 'how' in relation to LTAD. 

Read Paul's blog here

If you want to read more of Paul's terrific work, visit his website Informed Practitioner in Sport


Paul Gamble PhD is the founder of Informed Practitioner in Sport. He has worked in elite sport spanning two decades and both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The knowledge and experience in elite sports accrued over this period encompasses team sports, racquet sports, and a diverse array of individual sports with athletes of all ages competing at national and international-level. Paul is also a track and field coach to international level athletes in New Zealand where he currently resides. Paul has pursued opportunities to work with elite athletes across different event groups (sprints, jumps, throws) to further develop his eye for athletic movement. Paul is also an acclaimed author of various best selling strength and conditioning books.